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Indiana Izaak Walton League expands conservation policy

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The Indiana Division of the Izaak Walton League (IWLA) expanded its conservation policy this weekend at its annual convention in Evansville.

The Convention approved new policy resolutions supporting shoreline access for anglers in Gary city limits, creating an IWLA Youth Outdoor Bill of Rights, naming the Bluegill as the official state fish of Indiana, opposing the proposed Singleton Quarry in Lake County near the Kankakee River, defining “ethical hunting” in Indiana, supporting increased public land acquisition in Indiana, and endorsing an annual planning meeting or a “Conservation Congress,” between the Indiana DNR and the conservation community.

“Even with decades of conservation policy already in place, we need to be able to address new issues and those that will just not go away,” said PCC president Jim Sweeney.

Those issues include the lack of shoreline access for anglers within city limits of Gary and the ongoing battle fighting deer shooting preserves in Indiana. “We think it is just plain wrong that the people of Gary and northwest Indiana don’t have a single place to get at the Lake Michigan sport fishery from the shoreline in Gary,” he said.

“The State of Indiana needs to properly define ethical hunting in Indiana and keep the management of its wildlife with the professionals in the DNR,” referring to repeated efforts in the General Assembly to make shooting deer in fenced enclosures legal. “It’s unethical and poses a tremendous threat to the wildlife of Indiana,” Sweeney added.

For more information on Izaak Walton League policy, contact Porter County Chapter President Jim Sweeney at 219-322-7239.

The Izaak Walton League of America was founded in Chicago in 1922 as the “Defenders of soil, air, woods, water, and wildlife.” The Porter County Chapter was founded in 1958 to help create the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and is still involved in numerous local and regional issues.


Posted 6/19/2014