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Ikes applaud NIPSCO for planning to go coal free

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The Indiana Division of the Izaak Walton League of America (IWLA) is applauding NIPSCO’s recent announcement that the company will be coal-free in ten years.

“That is huge,” said Division President Keith Halper. “People have been claiming for years that we can get the power we need without burning coal. This proves it.”

“Using coal destroys natural landscapes, pollutes the air and water, and leaves toxic waste as a byproduct of its combustion,” the IWLA said. “Fossil fuel combustion is the main driver of climate change.”

“Almost every body of water in Indiana has a mercury advisory on it and that is because Indiana burns more coal than 48 other states,” said Gary Brown, president of the Porter County Chapter IWLA.

The League said that NIPSCO is to be commended for having the foresight to get away from the centuries-old energy source and to look to renewable sources for its future needs.

Porter County Chapter member and long-time Indiana Dunes advocate Charlotte Read said, “As good as this news is, we have to make sure that NIPSCO cleans up their waste sites and returns their properties to public use,” referring to NIPSCO-owned property on the Lake Michigan shoreline and the Kankakee River. “The Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore would be glad to have them.”

The League, on the other hand, does acknowledge that there will have to be more wind farms and solar arrays. “We would support that as long as the siting is done in a responsible and transparent manner,” said Halper.



Posted 9/27/2018







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