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High E. coli counts at two beaches

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The National Park Service (NPS) has issued swimming advisories for Dunbar Beach and Porter Beach at Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore after sampling conducted on Thursday and tested today revealed E. coli counts above water-quality standards for swimming.

E. coli counts at Dunbar Beach: 980 colonies per 100 milliliters of water. At Porter Beach: 2,419 colonies.

The EPA standard: 235 colonies.

“Due to an increased risk of contracting an illness, the National Lakeshore advises against swimming at these sites until further notice,” NPS said.

“The National Park Service does not close its beaches as a result of water conditions,” NPS added. “The beach remains open and available for public use, and the public is advised to take precautions for their own safety based on water quality, weather conditions, and other relevant information.”

West Beach is the only beach at the National Lakeshore patrolled by lifeguards.


Posted 5/27/2011





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