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Help DNR save endangered species by donating part of state tax refund

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Hoosiers can help animals such as bald eagles, barn owls, spotted turtles, Indiana bats and more by donating to the Indiana Nongame Wildlife Fund as they do their taxes.

“The fund supports DNR Division of Fish & Wildlife programs that manage more than 750 nongame and endangered wildlife species in the state,” the Department of Natural Resources said in a statement released this week. “Nongame means the species is not hunted, trapped, or fished. No state tax dollars are used.”

You can donate all or a portion of your state tax refund. Donations fund research, habitat conservation, and more.

“Past successes include restoring bald eagles, river otters, and peregrine falcons to the state,” the DNR said. “In recent years, projects have included implementing techniques to improve natural reproduction of hellbenders, Indiana’s largest salamander.”

If you file with paper forms, look for the eagle logo on Schedule 5/Schedule IN- Donate.

If you file through online tax programs, you will be prompted to donate at the end of filing, and the eagle logo will not be present.

The fund is also supported by a match of federal funds through the State Wildlife Grant Program. For each $5 donated, another $9 will be added, equaling $14 for wildlife.

“Annual donations through the tax check-off have declined by 60 percent since 2016,” the DNR noted. “This was likely due to changes that required donations from tax forms to be on a separate page, Schedule IN-5. A code is now required to donate, which further complicates the procedure. The Indiana Nongame Wildlife Fund code is “’200.’”

In addition to the tax check-off, direct donations can be made anytime at



Posted 2/15/2018




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