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From the Tribune archive: A rare Massasauga bite

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From the Oct. 4, 1934, edition of the Chesterton Tribune:

“Bitten on the hand by a rattlesnake while cutting weeds in Indiana Dunes State Park, George Marietta, a CCC man in the State Park company, is recovering today at Fort Benjamin Harrison Hospital, Indianapolis.

“Marietta was cutting weeds with a scythe in a swamp last Thursday. The scythe stuck and when he put down his hand to loosen it the rattler struck without warning. He was given first aid and then taken to the government hospital for more careful treatment.

“The swamps north of here have been the natural home of rattlesnakes for years. When the Public Service company put through their so-called ‘high line’ a few years back there were many rattlesnakes killed by the construction crew. They do not get out of the swamps, as a rule, and they do not strike at people unless they are disturbed.

“Henry Greening was telling yesterday of the rattlesnake hunt at Burdick about forty years ago, when a swamp less than an acre in size was set afire, after furrows had been plowed around it. Over forty rattlesnakes were killed, and many escaped or were roasted in the flames.”


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