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Earth Hour a call for action on climate change set for Saturday

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Tomorrow, Saturday, March 25, one of the largest people-powered, global movements, Earth Hour, will take place.

Every year, millions of people, along with iconic landmarks like the Empire State Building, the Space Needle, the Las Vegas strip, the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben (among others) “go dark” for 60 minutes.

At 8:30 p.m. local time, World Wildlife Fund asks people to switch off their lights in solidarity with Earth Hour’s main message: fighting climate change Š an issue that is now more important than ever.

From big cities to small towns, everyone has a role to play. This year, musicians are lending their voice to carry the message of the movement through a new element of Earth Hour called Earth Hour Live.

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“Now it’s up to us to maintain the momentum for action. Cities, companies and the American people need to pick up the mantle of leadership on climate action. Movements matter, and the Earth Hour movement is a global reminder that people are leading the transformation to a more prosperous and renewable future,” said Lou Leonard, senior vice president, climate and energy, at World Wildlife Fund.



Posted 3/24/2017




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