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Dunes Action urges calling DNR Director to protest Pavilion plans

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Dunes Action recently launched a campaign to call or e-mail DNR Director Cameron Clark to protest features of the proposed plans to restore the Pavilion at Indiana Dunes State Park.

The group is asking the public to call the Director at (317) 232-4020 or send an e-mail to as soon as possible.

“The DNR’s plan to alter this historic building and fill it with bars is a travesty,” Dunes Action co-founder Jim Sweeney said. “Dunes State Park is a family-oriented destination that deserves much better than what this bungled project has devised.”

Dunes Action began its fight by opposing the construction of a large banquet center at Indiana Dunes State Park, but is now concerned about current plans for the pavilion, which were finally released by the DNR on Feb. 2, nearly three years after the project was made public.

“The architectural renderings show two large balcony additions jutting out from the lake side of the Pavilion, and a huge glassed-in structure to be used as a pub covering the roof, all of which the group finds unacceptable,” Dunes Action said. “Dunes Action is also concerned about the fact that liquor would be served on all three floors of the Pavilion, with a 700-square-foot bar dominating the area to be used for casual family dining.”

“Instead of a space that’s welcoming to all patrons of the park, the public will be getting what amounts to a multi-level barroom,” Sweeney said.

Dunes Action also continues to focus on stopping the proposed banquet center from being built, and currently has “No Banquet Center” yard signs available at the Red Cup CafŽ in Chesterton for a suggested donation of $10.

“We don’t know why construction on the pavilion hasn’t begun yet, but it could begin at any time,” Sweeney said. “As beach season approaches, we want the public to let the DNR know that their plans need to be changed into something that’s more appropriate for the setting at Indiana Dunes State Park.”



Posted 4/11/2018




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