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Dunes Action to hold public meeting Tuesday

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Dunes Action will hold its next public meeting at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 28, at the Baugher Center, 100 W. Indiana Ave. in Chesterton.

At that meeting, Dunes Action will update the community about the National Park Service’s recent letter to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, in which NPS advised DNR that Pavilion Partners LLC’s latest plans for the Pavilion would appear to constitute a conversion of the facility’s public outdoor recreation function and thus make the project non-compliant with the Land and Water Conservation Act. NPS added in that letter that the new plans varied enough from the old ones to “require a new review.”

Meanwhile, Dunes Action has alleged that construction to date on the Pavilion was done in violation of state historic preservation laws, a claim which a special prosecutor is now investigating.

“We look forward to updating the public about the ongoing problems with this project,” said Jim Sweeney, co-founder of Dunes Action. “We think that the Pavilion should be open to all park visitors rather than being turned into a three-story saloon for paying customers only,” he said.

Dunes Action is a grassroots, all-volunteer, non-partisan coalition. It can be found on Facebook and at



Posted 8/22/2018




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