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DNR tells hunting dates for waterfowl and other birds

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The hunting season dates for waterfowl and other migratory birds have been approved by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) with recommendations from the Indiana DNR.

As of last year, the federal regulatory cycle has been altered. Rather than two separate processes for early and late seasons, all migratory bird hunting seasons are selected together. The seasons are based on population and habitat data gathered the year before.

The dates for webless migratory game birds:

* Mourning doves: Sept. 1 to Oct. 15; Nov. 1-12; and Dec. 9 to Jan. 10.

* Sora rails: Sept. 1 to Nov. 9.

* American woodcock: Oct. 15 to Nov. 28.

* Common snipe: Sept. 1 to Dec. 16.

The daily bag limits for webless migratory birds are 15 mourning doves, 25 sora rails, three woodcock and eight snipe. Possession limits are three times the daily bag limits.

The dates for ducks, coots, and mergansers:

* Early teal (blue- and green-winged only, statewide): Sept. 9-24.

Regular waterfowl seasons:

* North Zone: Oct. 21 to Dec. 10; and Dec. 23-31.

* Central Zone: Oct. 28 to Nov. 5; and Nov. 25 to Jan. 14.

* South Zone: Nov. 4-12, and Dec. 2 to Jan. 21.

The daily bag limit for ducks in all zones is six, including no more than four mallards (of which no more than two can be hens), three scaup, three wood ducks, one pintail, two redheads, two canvasbacks, two black ducks, and one mottled duck. The daily bag limit for coots is 15. The daily bag limit for mergansers, separate from ducks, is five, of which no more than two can be hooded mergansers. The possession limit is three times the daily bag limit.

For Canada geese, white-fronted geese, brant and light geese:

* North Zone: Sept. 9-17; Oct. 21 to Nov. 26; and Dec. 16 to Feb. 11.

* Central Zone: Sept. 9-17; Oct. 28 to Nov. 12; and Nov. 25 to Feb. 11.

South Zone: Sept. 9-17; Nov. 4-26; and Dec. 2 to Feb. 11.

The bag limit is five dark geese (Canada, white-fronted and brant in aggregate), no more than three of which can be Canada geese. The bag limit in September is five dark geese, all of which can be Canada geese. The possession limit is three times the daily bag limit. The daily bag limit for light geese (snow, blue and/or Rossí geese) is 20, with no possession limit for light geese.

The dates for youth waterfowl season:

* North Zone: Oct. 14-15.

* Central Zone: Oct. 21-22.

* South Zone: Oct. 28-29.

Bag and possession limits are the same as the regular seasons. The youth waterfowl season is open to youths age 15 and younger, accompanied by an adult.

Details on the light goose conservation order will be available later in the winter. The light goose conservation order has no bag or possession limit. A free permit is required.

For more information, contact Adam Phelps, DNR Division of Fish & Wildlife at (812) 334-1137 or


Posted 8/4/2017




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