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DNR releases 2016 Wildlife Science Report

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The Indiana Department of Natural Resources has released its 2016 Wildlife Science Report.

The report is available online at

“This annual report contains information about non-game species such as birds, fish, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and mussels, and outlines research on deer, otter, gamebirds, waterfowl, turkey and wild pigs,” the DNR said in a statement released this week.

“The report is packed with information about animal habitats and behaviors, including how far box turtles move, how many breeding eagle pairs exist in Indiana, why barn owls are rare, and how many turkeys were harvested in 2016 hunting seasons,” the DNR added. “It also includes details about the first confirmed black bear to hibernate in Indiana in more than 100 years.”

There’s information as well on the funding of wildlife research programs, volunteer opportunities, and staff changes in the DNR Division of Fish & Wildlife.



Posted 4/18/2017




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