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DNR: Hunter's fall highlights danger of tree stands

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A Brookville, Ind., hunter was injured on Monday after falling from his tree stand in Franklin County, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources said.

According to the DNR, the accident occurred Monday evening, as Matthew Wolfrum was strapping a 17-foot ladder tree stand to a tree. At some point the stand twisted and slid from the side of the tree, causing Wolfrum to free-fall to the ground.

Wolfrum landed on his right side and sustained two separate fractures to his tibia, a fractured ankle, scratches, and a bruised lower back.

Conservation Officers want to remind the public that falls from elevated stands remain the single most frequent hunting accident. The “use of a wearable safety harness can increase your odds of safety. These accidents and the injuries sustained are often life changing, if not fatal.”

In 2012 Indiana recorded 29 hunting accidents not involving the use of a firearm, and 27 of those were tree stand accidents, the DNR added.


Posted 10/1/2013