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Chesterton Fire Department reminder: Open burning illegal in Porter County

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The Chesterton Fire Department is reminding folks that the open burning of yard waste and rubbish is illegal both in the Town of Chesterton and in Porter County.

“Breathing in smoke is never good for you,” the CFD said in a statement released this morning to the Chesterton Tribune. “To some, it may seem like a good idea to burn trash, leaves, or yard waste but in Chesterton and the entire county it is not allowed by state law.”

Recreational burns are exempted, such as fire pits and ceremonial bonfires.

The CFD instead recommends alternatives to open burning such as composting, mulching, or recycling. Meanwhile, the Town of Chesterton offers a yard waste drop-off site at the Street Department facility, 1490 Broadway, and will collect brush after arrangements are made. Call 926-2222.

"Smoke from burning home remodeling projects is more toxic than smoke from burning clean wood,” the CFD added. “Studies have found dioxins, arsenic, mercury, chromium, PCBs, lead, and other dangerous chemicals in smoke from burning household items.”

The following rules must be followed:

-- No burning of trash or yard waste such as leaves, tree limbs, or brush for disposal purposes is permitted.

-- Recreational or ceremonial fires, such as those for scouting activities or cooking, are permitted, but only clean dry wood products or charcoal may be burned.

-- Recreational or ceremonial fires may not be conducted for disposal purposes.

-- Recreational or ceremonial fires may only be conducted during safe weather conditions, not during high winds. Fires must be attended until completely extinguished and adequate fire suppression equipment must be present.

-- Fires must be extinguished if they create a hazard, nuisance, pollution problem, or threat to the public health.

-- Burning must comply with all other federal, state, and local laws, rules, or ordinances.

“During these times when everyone is being told to say home, please be considerate of your neighbors who may be enjoying the fresh air with a window open and don’t create a nuisance by burning items,” the CFD added.

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Posted 4/1/2020




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