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CFD: Neighbor complains about recreational camp fire

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It’s illegal to burn leaves and trash in Duneland, per the Indiana Department of Environmental Management’s non-attainment regulations.

It is not illegal, however, to have a recreational fire: a camp fire, say, or a fire pit.

Unless a neighbor complains.

Then it becomes a “nuisance fire.”

As a Chesterton resident discovered on Wednesday.

At 7 p.m. the Chesterton Fire Department responded to a complaint of smoke in the 1500 block of West Morgan Ave. and found a resident enjoying a small camp fire in a dedicated area of his yard constructed of pavers, Capt. Tony Coslet told the Chesterton Tribune this morning.

And a perfectly permissible fire it was, up to and until a neighbor called 911 to complain of an open burn. At that point the recreational fire became a nuisance fire, as the firefighters told the resident. “They guy was okay with that,” Coslet said. “We explained the situation and he extinguished the fire.”


Posted 5/24/2018




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