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Audubon has tips for folks who find fledging baby birds

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The Indiana Audubon is offering its assistance to Hoosiers who want to help the abundance of baby birds scampering around as they begin to fledge from their nests this time of year.

“Many of these baby birds appear abandoned, but chances are that mom will be back to feed and take care of them,” Audubon said.

On the other hand, it’s not too uncommon to find an injured bird that may need medical attention. If the bird is sick or injured (bleeding or broken wing, for example) it will always be necessary to bring the bird to a wild bird rehabber for treatment. Many folks contact the Indiana Audubon’s Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary each year to accept injured and pet birds but while Mary Gray provides a haven for wild birds, it does not have rehabilitation services for wild birds.

“Indiana is blessed to have such a large diversity of breeding birds around the state,” said Brad Bumgardner, executive director. “Being able to observe them closely, while recognizing when intervention is truly needed is an ultimate act of good bird stewardship.”

The Indiana DNR maintains a list of wildlife rehabbers by county. Those interested in becoming a wildlife rehabber can complete an application process. For more information on how to help sick and injured birds, visit the Indiana Audubon website at

To learn more about the Indiana Audubon Society and to search for programs and field trips near you, visit them on the web at



Posted 6/20/2018




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