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Alligator hooked in Imagination Glenn

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First an alligator in the Chicago River.

Now a gator in Portage.

On Friday the Indiana Department of Natural Resources investigated an alligator sighting—actually, a gator hooking—in a Salt Creek headwater in Imagination Glenn, where a boy caught the beast while fishing.

Conservation Officer Matt Schurr arrived at the scene just in time to see the gator before “it went under and disappeared,” Conservation Officer Gene Davis told the Chesterton Tribune today.

Schurr estimated its size at three to four feet, “absolutely not” large enough to pose a threat to a human. “At that size it wouldn’t pose a threat to a poodle,” Davis said.

“Somebody probably had it as a pet, couldn’t take care of it, and let it go, figuring he was doing that alligator a favor,” Davis said. “But it won’t survive the winter and, if we don’t manage to catch it, it’ll die as soon as the temperatures drop.”

Davis said that conservation officers will make an attempt to recover the gator.



Posted 8/30/2010




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