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Lyme disease ticks at home in Ogden Dunes

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OGDEN DUNE, Ind. (AP) Health officials are warning residents in a northern Indiana town along Lake Michigan to take steps to avoid a recent surge in Lyme disease.

The Times of Munster reports Ogden Dunes residents attended a Town Hall presentation on the illness Thursday.

Porter County communicable diseases nurse Jenny Harkel says Ogden Dunes and nearby Beverly Shores have a high concentration of infected ticks that spread Lyme disease.

State Department of Health epidemiologist Jennifer House says residents can avoid joining the recent uptick in Lyme disease cases by avoiding overgrown grass, thick brush and leaf litters and using insect repellent.

About half of the three dozen people at the meeting say they have the disease, which if not promptly treated can cause arthritis, meningitis and other illnesses.



Posted 8/18/2011