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2010 advisory for fish consumption released

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The Indiana State Department of Health (IDOH) has issued the 2010 Indiana Fish Consumption Advisory.

In addition to fish consumption advisories for Indiana waters, the advisory includes information on the health benefits and risks of eating fish, suggested serving sizes, frequently asked questions, and what to do if you catch a fish in an unlisted waterbody.

“We have tried to include everything a person might want to know about eating sport-caught fish in Indiana," IDOH environmental epidemiologist LaNetta Alexander said. “The advisory is designed to give people advice on the types of fish that are best choices for you and how often they should be consumed. Since fish is a great alternate protein source, this guidance can help you avoid the possible accumulation of harmful contaminants in your body.”

Guidance on purchased fish is also included in the advisory.

This information is available annually through the cooperative efforts of IDOH, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, and the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

The advisory is mostly based on fish tissue samples. It is important to note that a fish advisory on a body of water does not necessarily mean that the water is unsafe for other recreational activities. If the water posed a hazard to human health, there would be a separate advisory issued for recreational activities such as swimming or skiing.

This year, the IDOH has included several new waterbodies, many with unlimited consumption advice. There is also a 2010 Safe Eating Guidelines Table that can be used as an overall guidance for most of Indiana’s inland waters, to be used by all members of the family. In addition, IDOH has listed other resources of information from DNR, Purdue University and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The 2010 advisory as well as the other resources mentioned above can be found by going to

Additional information can be received by calling (317) 351-7190, extension 262.




Posted 7/1/2010