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'Finding Bigfoot' taped at Indiana Dunes State Park, to air Sunday on Animal Planet

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A suspected Bigfoot sighting a little more than three years ago in the environs of Indiana Dunes State Park (IDSP) has led Animal Planet’s Bigfoot Finders to Duneland.

The episode of Finding Bigfoot will air at 9 p.m. Sunday, March 4, on Animal Planet.

IDSP Property Manager Brandt Baughman told the Chesterton Tribune today that footage was taped over the course of two days, Nov. 5-6, 2011, nearly three years to the day after a Duneland man posted his videotape of the sighting to YouTube.

The Bigfoot Finders were “primarily focusing their efforts in the southern portions of the park,” Baughman said, “on the entrance road and the State Park Boundary Road, now closed to traffic.” Baughman noted that the YouTube video—which clearly shows someone, or something, moving through the woods—appears actually to capture action immediately south of the park, on the property of Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.

Baughman said the Animal Planet obtained its filming permit from DNR headquarters in Indianapolis, as the Bigfoot Finders also shot footage for the episode at other DNR sites in the state, including Morgan-Monroe State Forest.

The video in question, posted to YouTube on Nov. 8, 2008, is not of the highest quality but does capture a humanoid form walking through the undergrowth. Accompanying the post was this description provided by the man who taped the clip: “I went down State Park Boundary Road and I was showing my kids where you can almost always see deer standing right by the road. I was hoping to get some video when we saw something really strange in the woods. My camera takes pretty bad videos but you can see it. There was no one else around and no cars. Take a look for yourself. . . . Maybe some kids were fooling around or someone was making a movie up there—but there wasn’t a car in either direction for a mile. Weird!”

Search for the video with the keywords “Bigfoot” and “Indiana Dunes State Park.”

Did the Bigfoot Finders find Bigfoot? “I like to think I would have heard if they did,” Baughman said.

Still, he added, “Maybe this will open up a new niche market at the park in cryptozoology.”


Posted 2/27/2012