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Visclosky challenged by Leyva for US House seat

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In the general election on Tuesday, Nov. 6, incumbent U.S. Rep. Pete Visclosky, D-1st, will face a challenge from Republican Mark Leyva. The Chesterton Tribune invited both to respond to candidate questionnaires. The Tribune set word limits for each question and reserved the right to edit for length.

(1) For Visclosky: Age, place of residence, term of office: 69; Gary; 17th term.

For Leyva: Age, place of residence, occupation: 59; Highland; carpenter and former steelworker.

(2) Visclosky: Why are you seeking re-election to this office? (75 words) I am seeking re-election in order to continue to fight hard on behalf of all residents and work to build a more prosperous regional economy and a more fair and tolerant society. As the Ranking Member of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, I also will continue to work to keep our nation safe and secure.

For Leyva: Why are you seeking election to this office? (75 words) Reduce size of government to keep more of our freedoms our forefathers created, stated very clearly under our U.S. Constitution.

(3) For Visclosky: Describe your achievements in office (100 words). I have worked throughout my career to create jobs and build a strong regional economy, and I will continue to work to that end. We have made great progress to support American steelworkers, and I will act with all urgency to fight back against unfair trading practices and to encourage new technology and manufacturing industries in our region. We have also fostered investments in our economic and transportation infrastructure, and I will continue to use every day to maximize the value of these investments to retain and attract new people and economic activity to our region.

For Leyva: If elected, what specifically local priorities would you pursue? (100 words). Make tax cuts permanent past 2025 so you keep more of your paychecks.

(4) Differentiate yourself from your opponent and indicate in particular why you believe yourself to be a better candidate (100 words).

Visclosky: I have a proven record of working with local leaders and other members of Congress, of both political parties, for a better future for Northwest Indiana. Through cooperation, we have invested in our future by supporting the recapitalization and expansion of the South Shore Rail Line, the development of the Gary airport, the improvement of access to our lakefront, the promotion of our institutions of higher learning, and the advancement of our steel and manufacturing industries. I will continue to work with local, state, and federal officials, and local organizations and businesses, to grow our regional economy.

Leyva: I am a Constitutional Conservative that believes in capitalism and smaller government and more individual freedoms by keeping more of your paychecks. Our congressman believes in socialism and big government, repealing the tax cut, and taking more of your paychecks.

(5) For Visclosky: What are the key, specifically national issues in this race? (100 words) Iím very concerned about the tone and rhetoric of the national political debate, and believe we must work to create a truly more fair and tolerant society, where every individual has access to a good-paying job. All must be equal under the law regardless of their station in life. Each person must be respected regardless of race, country of origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs. The labor of each person must be treated with dignity. Workers should be paid fairly and have access to a safe work environment, a secure retirement, and quality affordable health care.

For Leyva: What are the key issues in this race? (100 words) Make tax cuts permanent. Fund and build the wall. Repeal Obamacare.

(6) Anecdotal evidence indicates that the economic effects of President Trumpís tariffs on Chinese products--beginning with those imposed on Chinese steel and aluminum--and then Chinaís retaliatory tariffs on American goods are beginning to be felt by small businesses, including farmers, and may soon be felt more widely by American consumers. Did you support Trumpís initial tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum, knowing that they could provoke China, and does the prospect of an escalating trade war concern you? (75 words)

Visclosky: I supported the Pres-identís initial investigation and appreciate the affirmative action. These tariffs are necessary because the American manufacturing industry has been decimated for years by illegal trade. The government has a responsibility to help those negatively impacted by tariffs and I will continue to advocate for fairness in trade and labor in order to ensure good-paying jobs, long-term stability, and economic prosperity for do-mestic manufacturers, crafters, and all American workers and industries.

Leyva: Yes I agree with President Trumpís tariffs on Chinese products. Trump is the first president trying to create a fair trade playing field. We as a country will win the tariff battle. China is in financial trouble and cannot win this tariff battle.

(7) For Visclosky: If the Democrats re-take Congress in November and begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump, would you vote to impeach? Why or why not? (75 words) I believe any impeachment effort should be withheld until the current investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller is completed or other evidence yields that proceedings should be initiated. In the interim, Congress should conduct appropriate oversight of the executive branch and work together to resolve differences and solve problems.

For Leyva: The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act--which permanently reduced the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 21 percent and temporarily lowered individual married joint filer rates--will increase the projected national deficit by $1.9 trillion over the 2018-28 period. Did you support passage of the act, understanding its possible effect on the deficit, and would you vote to make the individual and married joint filer tax cuts permanent? (75 words). This question is two entirely different questions that I will explain. First, cutting tax rates creates an increase of tax revenues 100 percent of the time; that is a fact. How you check is by looking at the U.S. Treasury Department receipts; this is a plain FACT. (The only reason there is projected national deficit is because both Republicans and Democrats in Congress need to reduce budget SPENDING.)

(8) What do you view as the single greatest threat to this nationís security and what steps can Congress take to mitigate it? (75 words)

Visclosky: As the Ranking Democrat on the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, I remain very concerned about the postures and actions of Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, and the growth and reach of terrorist organizations. Through my role on the Subcommittee, I will continue to work to ensure that our military is strong and that our strategy complements and fosters the essential diplomatic, cultural, economic, and technological perspectives necessary to formulate and reach our desired results.

Leyva: Open borders is our single greatest issue. We are the only country with open borders and weak border enforcement that costs our taxpayers tremendous amounts of money that could be better spent on our veterans. Just enforcing all the current laws on the books would save us money and increase our national security levels.




Posted 10/11/2018




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