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Valpoliescom operator apologizes to Chuck Williams; defamation suit settled

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The operator of the former website is formally acknowledging that certain statements he published or posted about Valparaiso businessman Chuck Williams and his company, Pavilion Partners LLC, were untrue.

This morning Williams’ public relations firm, Res Publica Group, announced that Williams has settled his defamation lawsuit against David Wichlinski and Wichlinski’s firm, Hyperion Consulting. In that suit Williams sought unspecified damages as a result of Wichlinski’s statements, which Williams said “irreparably harmed his reputation and business ventures.”

Pavilion Partners LLC is remodeling the Pavilion at Indiana Dunes State Park, with plans to operate a restaurant in the site, as well as developing a banquet center adjacent to the Pavilion.

The particular terms of the settlement agreement remain confidential but the agreement does include two key items, according to Res Publica:

* “Wichlinski acknowledges that certain statements he published about Williams to the website, Facebook page, and Twitter account were untrue.”

* “Wichlinski regrets and expresses his apology to Williams and his family for any harm he caused by publishing the untrue statements.”

“Many good people for our community were inaccurately and unfairly disparaged on this website and I am one of many who is glad that it no longer exists,” Williams said. “My family and I agreed to a settlement with David Wichlinski in part because he was willing to apologize for the harm he caused by publishing those untrue statements. I’d like to thank Joe Motto of Winston & Strawn, his former partner Tom Kirsch, and Brian Hurley of Douglas, Koeppen & Hurley, for all of their hard work on this case.”


Posted 11/1/2017




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