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Valpo Democrat chair calls for ISP investigation of Porter County election

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Drew Wenger, chair of the Valparaiso Democratic Committee, is requesting a Special Investigative Unit of the Indiana State Police Department to investigate any potential wrongdoing connected to the 2018 Porter County election.

Wenger released the following statement after deadline on Tuesday:

“The people of Porter County deserve to know if the election was fair or not. We all deserve to know the truth about exactly what happened during the weeks and months leading up the election, who created this mess, and why it happened. After we find out the truth about what happened, then we can move forward to work on rebuilding the trust of the people. Right now, we need to take this one step at a time to ensure that the people of Porter County know that justice is served.. It is time everyone stopped putting the cart before the horse; we need to focus on investigating what happened first.

“That is why I’m calling on the Special Investigative Unit of the Indiana State Police to open a case on the matter. The people deserve an independent and experienced investigation into this election and any potential criminal activity. The Indiana State Police has a special investigation unit that should be looking into this, not politicians and especially not someone who was on the ballot, like the Indiana Secretary of State.

“It’s no surprise to me that Indiana State Representative Ed Soliday has called in a politician from Indianapolis to investigate this. His political priority has been to Indianapolis for many years now. Instead of more political involvement in this chaos, we actually need less. We need an investigation handled locally by the Indiana State Police branch in Lowell, not by an Indianapolis politician.

“His solution to contact the Indiana Secretary of State to weigh-in is grasping at straws at best. Connie Lawson was on the ballot in this election and stood to gain a lot in the Porter County election. She still has a vested political interest in the outcome of the election. The vote doesn’t even get officially certified until the Porter County Election Board meeting on November 16.

“At the press conference I conducted last week at the Porter County Administration Building, I clearly stated that I believe it is more than incompetence that has caused the election mess in Porter County.

“The public needs to know if this was planned chaos from the local Republican Party who seems to use this election to justify eliminating precinct polling locations and shifting to only 13 voting locations in all of Porter County. The so-called ‘super voting centers’ disenfranchise voters. The people are very unhappy, they are losing trust, and they need to see justice served first and foremost.

“It’s our friends, neighbors, and family here in Porter County who are losing in what seems to be a manufactured political game.”


Posted 11/14/2018




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