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USW blasts Trump for using Chinese steel

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The United Steelworkers is blasting Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump for his reported use of Chinese steel and aluminum for several recent high-profile construction projects.

According to Kurt Eichenwald’s report for Newsweek, Trump “purchased the steel and aluminum from China using shell companies in the British Virgin Islands to cover his tracks,” the USW said in a statement released on Tuesday, prompting USW International President Leo Gerard to characterize Trump’s call to make America great “hypocritical” and “fundamentally dishonest.”

“Trump desperately tries to appeal to Midwestern working class voters with promises to stand up for American workers and bring manufacturing jobs back to Ohio and Pennsylvania,” Gerard said. “But he sold out those very workers, with their families and communities, to save a few dollars on cheap building materials from Shanghai and Guang-Dong.”

“With 13,000 people laid off in the steel industry and another 6,000 out of work in aluminum, Trump personally profited from his scheme to cheat American companies and workers out of hundreds of millions of dollars in sales that went to China instead,” Gerard added. “How can he make America great if he refuses to make anything in America?”

The USW said that it “also will continue to educate its members about the GOP candidate’s anti-union, anti-worker record--from supporting so-called ‘right-to-work’ legislation to the way he’s refused to negotiate with employees at his hotels and casinos.”



Posted 10/7/2016




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