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Trump and Sanders romp in Porter County and Duneland

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Duneland was no different from the rest of Porter County--or from the rest of the state, for that matter--when it came to the Trump/Cruz and Clinton/Sanders races.

Donald Trump romped in every one of Dunelandís 30 precincts, outpolling Cruz by a margin of better than two to one: Trump garnered 4,029 votes to Cruzís 1,774.

The story was almost the same on the Democrat side, where Sanders beat Clinton in 27 of 30 precincts.

In Westchester 6 and 16 Clinton squeaked by Sanders and in Liberty 7 they tied.

Sanders took a total of 3,428 votes in Duneland to Clintonís 2,205.

Sandersí 61 percent total in Duneland was slightly better than the 59 percent countywide.

Turnout countywide was, not surprisingly, very high: 40 percent. It was fractionally lower than in 2008, when Clinton outpolled Barak Obama.

In that primary contest, eight years ago, 41 percent of Porter County voters showed up at the polls.

Turnout in Duneland was just a tad higher than countywide on Tuesday: 42 percent, the same as in 2008.

The highest voter turnout: Westchester 6, with 51 percent.

The lowest: Liberty 2, with 28 percent.

Countywide 53 percent of voters drew Republican ballots; 47 percent, Democrat ballots.

In Duneland 54 percent of voters cast Republican ballots; 46 percent, Democrat.


Posted 5/4/2016






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