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Town may not enforce its own political sign ordinance

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Because only politicians can truly know the heartbreak of being told by lowly code enforcers that their yard signs are too big under local ordinance, the Indiana General Assembly has done the noble thing and saved ginormous yard signs for all Hoosier pols.

As Chesterton Associate Town Attorney Chuck Parkinson updated the Town Council at its meeting Monday night, a new law enacted after the last election cycle renders the town’s political sign ordinance “unenforceable.”

As long as a sign is under 32 square feet--compared to the maximum area of six square feet under Chesterton Town Code--the town “may not regulate it,” Parkinson said. “Nor may we regulate the number of signs.”

It is still illegal, on the other hand, to place a sign in the public right-of-way. Generally speaking, this means that signs should be placed behind the sidewalk or--in neighborhoods where there are no sidewalks--10 feet from the roadway.


Posted 10/23/2018




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