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Town election filing deadline is noon, Friday; Swickard, Pomeroy, R. Poparad in

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At press time today, there were fewer than 24 hours left to file one’s candidacy for the municipal primary election on May 5.

And of the 18 Tri-Town races in which the Democrat Party can field candidates--and the 18 in which the Republican Party can (one for clerk-treasurer and five for town council)--there were still 22 races of the 36 with blank slates, as of deadline today.

The Democrat Party had five blank slates in the Chesterton primary; three in the Porter primary; and four in the Burns Harbor primary, for a total of 12 blank out of 18 possible.

The Republican Party, on the other hand, had a full slate in the Chesterton primary (with one contested race); four blank slates in the Porter primary (but one contested race as well); and six blank slates in the Burns Harbor primary, for a total of 10 blank out of 18 possible.

The deadline for filing is 12 p.m. Friday, Feb. 6, at the Porter County Voters Registration Office, 155 Indiana Ave. in Valparaiso, Room 105.

To file, candidates must complete and submit a CAN 42 Declaration of Candidacy form and a CAN 12 Statement of Economic Interests form. Both are available at the Voters Registration Office or can be printed from the Indiana Secretary of State’s website at

Latest Filings

Since Monday, three more candidates have filed, one in each town.

Republican Chris Swickard has filed for the 4th District seat on the Chesterton Town Council, currently held by Democrat Sharon Darnell. Darnell has announced that she is not seeking re-election.

Swickard is a sworn officer on the Chesterton Police Department, with the rank of sergeant. Should Swickard win the primary election on May 5 and then the general election on Nov. 3, under Indiana Code 3-5-9-5, he will be “considered to have resigned as a government employee” of the Town of Chesterton when he assumes elected offices.

That law was changed in 2012, prior to which Indiana Code permitted a municipal employee to hold elected office in that municipality, as indeed CPD Lt. Dave Cincoski did--R-3rd--before he was appointed Chief of Police in 2010.

Filing in Porter: Republican Rob Pomeroy for re-nomination to his 3rd District seat on the Town Council.

Filing in Burns Harbor: Democrat Raymond G. Poparad for one of the five at-large seats on the Town Council.

Contested Races

There remain, to date, only two contested races in the May 5 primary.

In the first, Jeff Trout is challenging incumbent--and his former colleague--Jim Ton for the Republican nomination to the 1st District seat on the Chesterton Town Council. Trout held the 2nd District seat on the council until his resignation in December, when he moved from his house in the 2nd District to a new one in the 1st.

In the second contested race, Zathoe Sexton is challenging incumbent Carol Pomeroy for the Republican nomination to Porter Clerk-Treasurer.

The Slate So Far

Chesterton Republican: For Clerk-Treasurer, Stephanie Kuziela (inc.). For 1st District, Jim Ton (inc.) and Jeff Trout. For 2nd District, Lloyd (Buck) Kittredge Jr. (inc.) For 3rd District, Aaron Adcock. For 4th District, Chris Swickard. For 5th District, Emerson DeLaney (inc.).

Chesterton Democrat: For 3rd District, Dane Lafata.

Porter Republican: For Clerk-Treasurer, Carol Pomeroy (inc.) and Zathoe Sexton. For 3rd District, Rob Pomeroy (inc.).

Porter Democrat: For 1st District, Erik Wagner. For 2nd District, Greg Stinson (inc.). For 3rd District, William Lopez.

Burns Harbor Republican: none.

Burns Harbor Democrat: For Clerk-Treasurer, Jane Jordan (inc.). For at-large, Raymond G. Poparad.

As of this morning, there have been no filings at all in either the Dune Acres or the Beverly Shores municipal elections.


Posted 2/5/2015