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State Senator Karen Tallian running for Governor

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Indiana State Senator Karen Tallian, D-Ogden Dunes, who has represented Duneland since 2005, announced today on the steps of the Statehouse that she is seeking the Democrat nomination for Governor in the 2016 elections.

Tallian told the Chesterton Tribune earlier that her decision to run comes from her wish to see a balance of power be restored to the Indiana General Assembly.

“For a second year, the Indiana Legislature has been a one party government. I think we need to have a more progressive approach and to have a balance of perspectives,” she said.

The Republicans currently hold a super-majority 71 seats out of 100 in the House of Representatives and 40 seats out of 50 in the Senate. Indiana has had a Republican governor since 2005.

In a prepared statement, Tallian said that in her ten years as a state senator, she has focused her energy on issues relating to working families, labor, health care, education, criminal justice and environmental protection. She is one of four legislators on the State Budget Committee, and the Senate Democratic point person on the Appropriations committee, a part of the legislature’s fiscal management team.

Tallian said this experience has given her a broad base of knowledge of the workings of state government.

“The legislature has taught me that the way government works best when you have articulate and thoughtful people, who present diverse interests and different perspectives, and who work cooperatively, respectfully and thoughtfully in a balanced way to really solve problems,” Tallian said.

“Unfortunately, Indiana has fallen short of that model in the last several years. Instead, a one-party government has emerged that leaves little opportunity for balanced perspective and open dialogue, little opportunity for the working family to get ahead, little opportunity for our children to get a good education.”

Tallian is the second Democrat to announce their candidacy for Governor. John Gregg, who ran unsuccessfully against Republican Mike Pence in the 2012 elections, said last week he will be running again in 2016.


Posted 5/12/2015