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Sheriff Dave Reynolds to seek reelection

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Porter County Sheriff Dave Reynolds is announcing his bid to seek a fourth term.

Reynolds, a 45-year resident of Porter County with a master’s degree in public affairs from Indiana University, was first elected Sheriff in 1998, re-elected in 2002, and then elected again in 2014.

“Throughout his law enforcement career, David Reynolds has taken a collaborative and innovative approach to police work and has taken pride in being transparent to the media and to the citizens that he serves,” according to a statement released on Tuesday by Reynolds’ campaign committee.

Reynolds began his law enforcement career with the Lake Station Police Department, where he served five years as a patrol officer, also working undercover and in investigations, then went to the Portage PD, where over 22 years he served as officer, investigator, Captain of the Detective Bureau, and finally Chief of Police.

“As Sheriff, David Reynolds has partnered with local, state and federal agencies and organizations to fight crime,” the statement said. “He implemented programs that included putting more officers on the street of Porter County, and protecting school children by putting police officers in all county schools. He has supported programs focused on domestic violence and senior safety through the creation of TRIAD. Sheriff Reynolds has shown his commitment to Porter County by being an active member of Valparaiso Kiwanis, board member of Indiana Mental Health, and board member of Our Greater Good.”

Among Reynolds’ initiatives, according to the statement:

¥“One County One Protocol” active shooter system, which has been implemented in the seven school districts and in every private school in Porter County.

¥Heroin Overdose Response Team (HORT), recognized by Gov. Holcomb’s drug czar, Jim McClelland, Executive Director for Drug Prevention, Treatment and Enforcement.

¥The production of two videos aimed at increasing awareness of the heroin problem in Porter County and stressing the importance of education and prevention.

“Reynolds realizes that most crime committed is directly associated with substance abuse,” the statement said. “With overdoses and overdose deaths increasing, Sheriff Reynolds has made it clear that his number one priority is attacking the opioid epidemic by attempting to work in a collaborative three county effort to identify, arrest, and convict those bringing drugs into Porter County.”

“I am very proud of the fact that our Sheriff’s office’s strength is its officers, either on patrol or in investigation,” Reynolds said. “The Porter County Sheriff’s specialized units, SWAT, K-9, or bomb team personnel, are trained and capable to handle any type of crime in Porter County.”

“Throughout Sheriff Reynolds’s law enforcement career, he has been committed to the people of Porter County to lead an organization through trust, respect, and accountability,” the statement said. “If Sheriff Reynolds is fortunate to obtain the trust of the voters he has pledged his continued commitment to Porter County.”



Posted 10/17/2017




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