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Senate candidate takes negative campaign into children's book

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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - Indiana Senate candidate Todd Rokita is releasing a politically themed childrenís book that trashes one of his Republican primary opponents.

Titled ďOh, the places youíll forget!Ē the book goes after Luke Messer, who moved his family to the Washington, D.C., area after his election to Congress.

Itís the latest barb in a race that has been called the nationís nastiest primary.

The book includes illustrations and is written in rhyme. It characterizes Messer as an absentee elected official, who has left Indiana behind.

Messerís campaign says the book amounts to a publicity stunt by a failing campaign. But spokesman Chasen Bullock wished Rokita good luck in his new career as a childrenís book author.

The two congressmen are locked in a tight race with former state lawmaker Mike Braun.



Posted 4/27/2018




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