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Sen. Donnelly reacts to suit which could end insurance for preexisting conditions

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U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly, D-Ind., is expressing concern after the first day of oral arguments in Texas v. United States, a lawsuit which would, in part, eliminate current health insurance protections for those with pre-existing conditions.

“This misguided lawsuit would put health care coverage for Hoosiers with pre-existing conditions at risk” Donnelly said in a statement released after deadline on Wednesday. “Hoosier families can't afford to return to the days when they could be denied coverage due to cancer, asthma, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and many other conditions. I continue to urge the Administration to stop efforts to undermine these critical protections and instead work in a bipartisan way to make health care more affordable and accessible.”

“Donnelly has consistently worked for quality, affordable health care coverage for Hoosiers, including those with pre-existing conditions,” the statement said. “In July, he joined a resolution that would allow the Senate's Legal Counsel to represent the Senate in Texas v. United States. This would enable the Senate to defend protections for Americans with pre-existing conditions against the current lawsuit. Last week, he helped introduce legislation that would overturn the Administration's recently finalized rule expanding short-term ‘junk’ insurance plans, which fail to offer essential coverage and protections for those with pre-existing conditions.”

“According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, approximately 30 percent of Hoosiers under the age of 65 (more than 1.1 million people) have pre-existing conditions that could have left them with no coverage or facing higher rates, before the Affordable Care Act prohibited such discrimination,” the statement noted.”



Posted 9/6/2018




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