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Republican caucus Thursday for County Council seat; three in running

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The Porter County Republican Party will hold a caucus Thursday at 7 p.m. to fill the vacancy of the 1st District seat on the Porter County Council.

The caucus will take place at the Chesterton Town Hall, 726 Broadway.

There will be three candidates running for the seat -- Burns Harbor Town Council member Andy Bozak, Portage Fire Chief Thomas Fieffer and Chesterton Town Council member Jim Tom.

The Voters Registration Office told the Chesterton Tribune that Jackson Twp. resident Gordon Sheffer withdrew his candidacy yesterday.

The successful candidate will serve the remaining two years of Jim Biggs’ term on the County Council. Biggs recently resigned so he could be sworn in as a County Commissioner.

Only precinct committeemen in office 30 days prior to the election are eligible to vote.

The party chair or a designee will chair the caucus. The law requires a secret ballot and the winner needs a majority vote.

Candidates will be given up to three minutes to speak and will go by alphabetical order. The candidates may, if they so choose, have an introduction by a party member, no more than two minutes, prior to their speech. If the caucus chair is not a voting member of the district, then the chair may only vote in a second ballot tie. The decision to let the caucus chair vote must be made at the beginning of the caucus before the balloting begins.



Posted 1/4/2017




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