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Porter County Election update: Don't expect election results today

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EDITOR'S NOTE: This update arrived at the Chesterton Tribune as the press was printing today's newspaper. It replaces an update sent just before Noon that promised that Porter County votes would be counted and the results of Tuesday's election released today.


November 7, 2018

For Immediate Release

Update On Election Process as of Noon

Based on information provided to the Porter County Commissioners, it is becoming clear that the release of election results may be unlikely today. The Commissioners will continue to keep the media and public updated.

As ordered by the Commissioners, all ballots were protected at all times since they were delivered last night in a room guarded by the Porter County Sheriff’s Department. To assure the integrity of the vote count, the Commissioners have also ordered the Sheriff’s Department to secure all areas where votes are being counted. The Election office in the Courthouse has also been secured by Sheriff’s deputies.


The above replaces the following from the printed Tribune:

Upon request by the Porter County Board of Commissioners, the Voter Registration office provided the following update at 12:09 p.m. today:

As of this morning, the Porter County Election Board has ruled that election results will not be released until all precincts are counted. Counting has begun and is expected to be completed late this afternoon or early evening.

The count will include:

* All votes cast at polling locations between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.

* All votes cast at early voting locations

* All votes cast as absentee ballots by mail.

Normal provisional ballots and ballots cast after 6 p.m. at polling locations that were ordered to stay open will be counted on November 16. It is standard procedure to count provisional ballots ten days after the election.

Of the delay in the count, Porter County Clerk Karen Martin told the Chesterton Tribune, “My staff and I went above and beyond working diligently and devoting our time and resources to the election. I cannot express how immensely impressed I am by the number of voters that have shown they believe in the system by taking time out of their schedules to vote.”

Martin added, “I apologize if they feel I did not make every effort possible to process their right to vote.”



Posted 11/7/2018




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