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Porter County Candidate List

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The following is a list of the candidates in the races which will appear on the ballots of all Duneland voters when they vote in-person on Tuesday. Incumbents are noted with (I).

President and Vice-President

(D) Joseph R. Biden, Kamala D. Harris.

(L) Jo Jorgensen, Jeremy (Spike) Cohen.

(R) Donald J. Trump, Michael R. Pence (I).

Governor and Lt. Governor

(D) Woodrow (Woody) Myers, Linda C. Lawson.

(L) Donald G. Rainwater II, William E. Henry.

(R) Eric Holcomb, Suzanne Crouch (I).

Attorney General

(D) Jonathan Weinzapfel.

(R) Todd Rokita.

U.S. Rep., District 1

(D) Frank J. Mrvan.

(L) Michael Strauss.

(R) Mark Leyva.

State Rep., District 4

(D) Debora (Deb) Porter.

(R) Ed Soliday (I).

State Rep., District 9

(D) Patricia A. (Pat) Boy (I).

(R) Dion Bergeron.

State Rep., District 10

(D) Charles (Chuck) Moseley (I).

Judge, Porter Circuit Court

(D) Mitch Peters.

(R) May DeBoer (I).

Judge, Porter Superior Court 1

(D) Matt Soliday.

(R) Mike Fish.

Judge, Porter Superior Court 4

(D) David L. Chidester (I).

(R) Christopher A. Buckley.

Porter County Commissioner,

South District

(D) Laura Shurr Blaney (I).

(R) Fred Martin.

Porter County Commissioner,

North District

(D) Becky Mateja Lombardini.

(R) Jim Biggs (I).

Porter County Council, At-Large (vote for three)

(D) Sylvia Graham (I).

(D) Susie Talevski.

(D) Dan L. Whitten (I).

(R) Andy Bozak.

(R) Mike Brickner.

(R) Craig Kenworthy.

Porter County Treasurer

(D) Michelle Clancy (I)

Porter County Surveyor

(D) Kevin D. Breitzke (I).

Duneland School Board, At-Large

Timothy Sean McGinty.

Monte J. Moffett.

Duneland School Board, Jackson Township

Tom Schnabel (I).


Posted 11/2/2020




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