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Porter County 2016 vote turnout was 62.3 percent

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The Porter County Election Board certified the results of the 2016 General Election on Friday with a total of 79,075 votes counted.

That is 4,282 more ballots than were cast in the 2008 presidential election and 5,265 more than in the 2012 presidential election, the most ever for a Porter County election.

However, in terms of voter turnout, 2016 fell short in comparison to 2008’s voter turnout rate of 66.3 percent and 2012’s rate of 64.4 percent. The turnout certified Friday was 62.29 percent out of 126,941 registered voters.

The county has grown by 14,130 voters since 2008.

Election Boards across the state are to certify their results ten days after an election. In those ten days, voters who cast provisional ballots can validate their registration to the board and have their ballot added to the official count.

Provisional ballots are given usually when a voter forgets to bring a photo ID to the polls, but they can also be challenged if a poll worker does not find their name in the poll book.

The official count also includes military and overseas ballots that have come in after the election.

There were 285 additional ballots counted for the official results since Election Night. Voters Registration Republican Director Sundae Schoon said she did not have the exact breakdown of provisional and overseas/military ballots because there are “too many to count.”

The Election Board spent about two hours Friday counting boxes of ballots from different precincts around the County. In attendance were Republican board member and President David Bengs and Democratic member J.J. Stankiewicz. A proxy was present for the board’s third member, County Clerk Karen Martin.

The final count did not change any race results in Porter County, or cause any ties such as last year’s municipal election when provisional ballots created a tie between Nate Cobbs and Scott McCord for the Chesterton Town Council and a second tie between candidates Greg Brown and Craig Nordstrom on the Beverly Shores Town Council.

The gap between Presidential candidates Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton grew shorter in the official results with Trump getting 113 more votes and Clinton getting 145 votes.

In all, 38,832 votes in Porter County went to Trump, 33,676 votes went to Clinton, 4,253 votes went to Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and 1,505 votes went to write-in candidates.

Voting straight ticket in the county were 14,474 Democrats, 14,092 Republicans and 797 Libertarians.



Posted 11/21/2016





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