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Poparad holds on to 15 vote lead in final Porter County election results

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The Porter County Election Board certified the 2018 General election Friday--no results changed.

The Election Board met and the counting took place in a back room of the Voters Registration office in suite 105 at the County Administration building while a live feed was broadcast to suite 205 for public viewing.

The final count ten days after the election is usually for provisional ballots, but this year it included all votes cast after 6 p.m. at a dozen polling places that opened late on the morning of election day and stayed open past 6 p.m. by court order. In total, 329 of the 342 ballots reviewed Friday were added to the count. The only 13 ballots tossed were absentee ballots mailed and received after the deadline.

The only race close enough to be decided by those votes was the race for the district 1 County Council seat where incumbent Andy Bozak (R) faced a challenge from former Council member Bob Poparad (D). In the unofficial totals released Nov. 9, Poparad had a razor-thin lead of 15 votes over Bozak.

After the final count, both candidates had garnered more votes, but the margin remained the same with Poparad leading Bozak by 15 votes.

“I want to thank my supporters, and I want to thank Andy for running a nice clean campaign. There’s too much negativity in politics,” Poparad said. He was one of few spectators who stayed to watch the process beginning to end--which was 12 p.m. to 3:45 p.m.

Bozak has until Nov. 20 to request a recount, if he goes that route. Local Republican Party Chairman, Michael Simpson could request a recount as late as Nov. 26.



Posted 11/19/2018





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