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Porter Election: Pomeroy hopes for better roads and parks in 2nd term

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Porter Election: Lopez a voice for residents, touts budget experience


Editor's Note: Rob Pomeroy and William Lopez are running for a seat on the Porter Town Council in the November municipal election. See below for a profile of Republican Rob Pomeroy. Click above for a profile of Democrat William "Bill" Lopez.



Two Porter Cove residents will face off in the race for Porter Town Council Ward 3 representative in the upcoming town elections.

The Republican incumbent Rob Pomeroy faces a challenge from a Democrat opponent, William “Bill” Lopez.

Pomeroy, 54, works as an IT systems analyst for Hewlett Packard at ArcelorMittal. He was first elected to the Council in 2011 when the Town’s budget was in disarray and although it’s not quite where it needs to be yet, he said, the Council continues to make progress towards getting it balanced.

“We are not totally out of the woods yet so we need to continue to make this a priority into the next term. It’s something that takes time,” he said.

Past decisions

In an interview with the Chesterton Tribune, Pomeroy said he stands by the many decisions he’s made as a Councilman.

Pomeroy said he cares about getting the roads fixed and resurfaced in town. He voted in favor of the Redevelopment Commission’s decision earlier this year to bond for $3.5 million for road improvements and a new public works building which will keep revenues from the town’s tax increment finance district coming in past 2025. The main roads should be fixed first, he said.

With those funds, Pomeroy said he hopes the Town will be able to replace its older dump and plow trucks.

Other decisions Pomeroy supports is the Council’s decision to give Town employees raises of 3 percent next year since they have not been given one since 2012. “I think our town employees all do a great job and work hard and should be rewarded,” he said.

Recently, the Council approved allowing dogs and other pets at Porter Beach west of the State Street line while keeping the area to the east for humans only. He believes that most dog owners are responsible for their pets and are considerate of other beachgoers.

Focus on parks

Having lived in Porter Cove for 19 years, Pomeroy said another priority for him will be to replace the playground equipment at Kids Cove “It needs to be taken out for safety reasons.”

Pomeroy said he has heard residents complain that the Town seems to devote time and funds to one park -- Hawthorne Park -- but he asserts “that is not true.” Recently there have been efforts to raise money for equipment at both Kids Cove and Hawthorne, such as the Wagner’s Ribs meal fundraiser and the Stash Dash with Crazy Legs Race Series.

An advocate for park activities, Pomeroy said he is excited to see the different trail projects about to be finished such as Porter’s leg of the Dunes-Kankakee Trail which is being paved now. Connections to the Porter Brickyard Trail should be finished in the next two years and he hopes residents will start using them.

One thing Pomeroy would like to see is a memorial for Porter’s “fallen heroes.”

Parks are important to the quality of life for residents, Pomeroy believes, and he commended the parks department on their dedication to the town and for accomplishing projects like the Tilden Memorial Garden at Hawthorne Park.

Public safety

Also enhancing quality of life is safety, Pomeroy said, and the Town Council has supported actions to protect residents and visitors. Pomeroy said he will continue to vote for these types of improvements and in August voted to purchase a flotation device launcher that can reach distressed swimmers at the beaches about 70 yards out before rescue teams can reach them.

As for traffic on U.S. 20, Pomeroy said he attended the recent meeting held by the Indiana Department of Transpiration to widen the highway at the Waverly Rd. intersection and is happy to hear plans for adding traffic lanes and traffic lights.

He said he would next like to see traffic lights at the Wagner Rd. intersection on U.S. 20.

Pomeroy said he doesn’t have plans to make any policy changes to the Town Government.

Restaurant to boost economy?

When asked his thoughts on economic development, Pomeroy said he looks forward to the reopening of the Spa Restaurant on Mineral Springs Rd. which has been remodeled as a speakeasy like the ones out of the prohibition era. The place should draw some visitors from outside of town, he said.

“I think having a nice restaurant will add great economic value to the town,” he said.

Learning the ropes

In his own words, Pomeroy said he would make the better candidate for this race due to his experiences during his four years as a Council member. He has served as a liaison for a different department each year, starting with Parks, then Fire, Police and most recently Streets.

Having knowledge of what town employees do on a daily basis gives you first-hand insight into understanding their budgets and projects, Pomeroy said.

“In general, these past four years have given me the experience of how town government is executed and all the procedures to adhere to. Having this experience is definitely an advantage in being an effective councilman,” he said.


Posted 10/14/2015




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