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Pomeroy fights off Sexton in Porter Republican race

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Zathoe Sexton’s critique of the Porter Clerk-Treasurer’s Office--and more generally of town hall functions and staff--got no traction in Tuesday’s municipal primary election.

Incumbent Clerk-Treasurer Carol Pomeroy decisively won the Republican nomination by a two-thirds margin, taking 209 votes or 67 percent to Sexton’s 104 votes or 33 percent.

Pomeroy is seeking her fourth consecutive term as Clerk-Treasurer and appears over the last 11 years to have garnered a great deal of loyalty throughout the town. All four precincts--Westchester 5, 7, 13 and 16--safely went to her.

Pomeroy ran on her record: the modernization and rationalization of the Clerk-Treasurer’s Office over the years and a high level of customer service.

Sexton ran on her representation of Pomeroy’s record. That is, she intimated that the latest accounting and management technology may be beyond Pomeroy; accused town hall staff of rudeness and favoritism; and said that Pomeroy had failed to implement a credit-card payment system authorized by the Town Council.

Pomeroy told the Chesterton Tribune this morning that her margin of victory is a pretty thorough-going repudiation of Sexton’s charges and an endorsement of her own record of service in office. “I guess everybody’s happy,” she said. “By the vote they are. A big majority of the people voted for me. I’m overwhelmed by that. I love this town.”

“If I’m Clerk-Treasurer after November, I’ll continue to give all residents the same high quality service,” Pomeroy added.

Porter’s turnout rate on Tuesday was 10.36 percent, slightly higher than Chesterton’s 8.03 percent but lower than Porter County’s overall turnout rate: 14.51 percent. The latter rate, though, was heavily impacted by a flood of folks, 5,777 of them, who pulled non-partisan ballots to vote in a pair of Valparaiso Community Schools referendums.

Although Porter Democrats had no reason to go to the polls on Tuesday--there was no contested primary race for them to vote in--72 Dems faithfully showed up anyway, to vote in the non-contested races.


Posted 5/6/2015