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Nick Walding not running for reelection; Lloyd Kittredge files

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Republican Nick Walding will not be running for re-election to his 3rd District seat on the Chesterton Town Council.

At the council’s meeting Monday night, Walding announced his decision not to seek a second full term. Walding, whose wife is expecting the birth of their first child in May, said that he wants to spend more time with his growing family. He also cited a possible move, in the next year or two, to a different house in town, and conceivably into a different district.

Walding did say that he “personally asked and encouraged” Republican Aaron Adcock to run for the 3rd District seat and indeed last week Adcock filed his candidacy.

“I would strongly encourage Chesterton residents to vote for Aaron in both the primary and general elections and I give him my support,” Walding said. “I believe he has the knowledge, skill, and dedication to tackle the challenges of this office and to continue moving our town in the right direction.”

Walding was elected by caucus in April 2010 to fill the 3rd District seat vacated by Dave Cincoski’s appointment to Chief of Police. In 2011 he was elected at large to a full four-year term.

“I strongly believe that we have seen the Town of Chesterton make notable headway across several fronts and it has been an honor to be a part of this progress thus far,” Walding said.

“We’re going to really miss your contribution,” said Member Jim Ton, R-1st. “You’ve been a great council member.”

“Maybe I’ll be back some day,” Walding replied.

Kittredge Files

As of 9 a.m. today, only one other person in Duneland has filed his candidacy since Thursday: Chesterton Town Council Member Lloyd (Buck) Kittredge Jr., R-2nd.

Kittredge was elected to his seat earlier this month by a GOP caucus, to fill the vacancy created by Jeff Trout’s resignation in December.

Trout, for his part, after leaving the 2nd District to move into a home in the 1st District, is now challenging Ton for his seat.

The Slate So Far

Republican: In Chesterton: For Clerk-Treasurer, Stephanie Kuziela (inc.). For 1st District, Jim Ton (inc.) and Jeff Trout. For 2nd District: Lloyd (Buck) Kittredge Jr. For 3rd District, Aaron Adcock. For 5th District, Emerson DeLaney (inc.). In Porter: For Clerk-Treasurer, Carol Pomeroy (inc.) and Zathoe Sexton.

Democrat: In Chesterton: For 3rd District, Dane Lafata. In Porter: For 1st District, Erik Wagner. In Burns Harbor: For Clerk-Treasurer, Jane Jordan (inc.).

As of this morning, there have been no filings at all in either the Dune Acres or the Beverly Shores municipal elections.

Filing Deadline

The window for filing is slowly closing. The deadline: Friday, Feb. 6.


Posted 1/27/2015