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Lynch ousts Cannon in Portage Mayor race

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Republican Portage Mayor John Cannon will not be serving a term in his own right.

In Tuesday’s municipal election, Democrat challenger Sue I. Lynch convincingly beat Cannon with 3,684 votes (53 percent) to Cannon’s 3,324 votes (47 percent).

Cannon was elected by caucus to the Office of Mayor after his predecessor, Republican James Snyder, was convicted in federal court in connection with a bribery scandal.

In the race for Clerk-Treasurer, Democrat Nina Rivas beat Republican Deborah Lee, 4,026 votes (58 percent) to 2,926 votes (42 percent).

In the City Council races:

--1st District: Democrat Gina Giese-Hurst beat Republican Dennis M. Wells, 723 votes (62 percent) to 442 (38 percent).

--2nd District: incumbent Democrat Patrick Clem beat Green Party candidate Michael C. Cooper, 931 (66 percent) to 473 (34 percent).

--3rd District: incumbent Democrat Scott Williams beat Republican Antonio C. Gutierrez, 1,017 votes (60 percent) to 678 (40 percent).

--4th District: Democrat Brian M. Gulley beat Republican William P. Fekete, 531 votes (51 percent) to 501 (49 percent).

--5th District: incumbent Democrat Collin Czilli ran unopposed and garnered 1,274 votes.

--At large, vote-for-two: top vote-getters were Debbie Podgorski with 3,590 votes (29 percent); and Ferdinand Alvarez with 3,485 votes (28 percent). Failing to make the cut were Austin Bonta with 3,036 votes (24 percent) and Victoria Gresham with 2,447 votes (19 percent).



Posted 11/6/2019




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