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Jackson polling place opens late today; few issues reported overall

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The Porter County Clerk’s Office was reporting this morning that all Duneland precincts opened on time this morning--at 6 a.m.--with the exception of three: Jackson 1, 2, and 3, all located at Jackson Elementary School.

The other two Jackson precincts, 4 and 5--also located at Jackson ES--did open on time, however.

A total of 12 voters at Jackson 1, 2, and 3 were unable immediately to vote, the Clerk’s Office said.

Throughout Porter County, only eight precincts opened late, according to Curt Ellis, assistant to the Porter County Commissioners. “Please note that it is eight PRECINCTS that opened late, not polling locations,” Ellis reported in an e-mail to the Chesterton Tribune. “Those precincts that opened late were asked to tell us how many voters were turned away by the precinct board. Some additional voters MAY have chosen not to wait and left.”

Other minor issues were experienced countywide, Ellis noted: “Several polling locations have sought assistance with setting up their electronic poll books. Most of these issues are the result of the poll workers getting used to the new election equipment. Most of the problems have been resolved with a phone call. For those that were not resolved by phone, Election System & Software representatives were dispatched to the polling locations to assist. This includes locations in Portage and Valparaiso. Voters are still able to cast their ballots even though the electronic poll books may not be accessible. When the electronic poll books become accessible, the voter’s name is then marked as voted. There have been some cases where the poll workers mistakenly advised voters that they would have to come back later.”

12 Noon Update From County Clerk Jessica Bailey:

1. All precinct election boards were staffed when polls opened this
morning, even with a few last minute cancellations yesterday.

2. Voting is running smoothly throughout the county. There was a power
surge at one Portage polling location that disabled a piece of voting
equipment, but it did not interrupt voting. The disabled equipment was
quickly replaced.

3. As of noon, 3607 votes had been cast at polling locations throughout
the county. When added to the 2,514 early votes that had been cast, we are
at a 5.0% turnout so far today.



Posted 5/7/2019




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