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Indivisible NWI/Chesterton to meet Wednesday

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Indivisible NWI-Chesterton will meet on Wednesday, April 19 at 6:30 p.m. at Thomas Library, 200 West Indiana Avenue, Chesterton.

“If you are a progressive, then these last three months can feel like one is engaged in an endless game of Whack-a-Mole, as one humanitarian and environmental program after another has been summarily executed,” said Marti Pizzini, administrative team member for Indivisible NWI-Chesterton.

Many feel called to “resist, insist, persist” Ð but where to start? There are so many issues. And so many organizations to join for the cause.

Indivisible NWI, affiliated with the national Indivisible movement, serves Lake, Porter and LaPorte counties. This is an all volunteer organization which is only three months old and in that time has facilitated the start up of local Indivisible groups in some twenty towns across the region.

“I like Indivisible because of its two pronged approach. It allies with other groups to do resistance actions and it is working to promote civic engagement at the local level,” said Pizzini. The local level action includes getting to know one’s community government and demographics. Members are encouraged to attend town council and school board and other public meetings and hearings, encourage voter registration and turnout and run for office.

The Chesterton group is just getting underway. At the April 19 meeting, information on local government meetings coming up will be available for people who may want to attend. Information on upcoming resistance actions in Northwest Indiana will be provided. There will be planning for public education events for Chesterton and there will be a report on “deep canvassing” that could be employed in door to door voter education activities.

“Indivisible” gives me a path I can follow,” said Pizzini. “The regional leadership have deep experience in organizing and it is showing results. Plus, I am getting to meet a whole new group of people who are impassioned, capable and committed to making our democracy work again, for all of us! It’s hard work but it’s energizing and fun. This is a very positive groupÉ as good with smiles and hugs as grinding out the hard work of rebuilding a working democracy.”

Both Indivisible NWI and Indivisible NWI-Chesterton are on Facebook. Pizzini can be contacted at



Posted 4/17/2017




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