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Incumbents are first to file for 2016 elections; Coroner files for County Treasurer job

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The official start of filing for the 2016 Porter County elections saw no new faces as County Commissioner Laura Shurr Blaney, D-South, and at-large County Council members Dan Whitten and Sylvia Graham were first in line to file for additional terms.

The filing period began at 8:30 a.m. this morning at the County Voter Registration Office.

The deadline to file for the primary elections is noon on Friday, Feb. 5.

Whitten and Graham, both Democrats, said they wish to continue the work the Council is doing now such as setting up the new non-profit community foundation.

“We have some unfinished business that needs to get done,” Whitten said.

Graham said she enjoys serving as an elected official and is excited that with the interest the Council hopes to make by investing the hospital sale proceeds into the Foundation, projects long talked about will be possible.

Whitten is seeking his fourth term while Graham is running for her third.

Meanwhile, Blaney filed for her re-election to a second term as Commissioner. She prepared a statement listing her accomplishments and activities over the past four years such as helping secure park land in the south half of the county, moving plans forward on building a new Animal Shelter and retooling operations at the Memorial Opera House that led to its financial solvency.

“Porter County has more potential than perhaps any other county in the state. We have the right location, resources and the right people. I want to continue as Commissioner to ensure we maintain our character while we grow, and to further increase the quality of life for our citizens. The future of Porter County is very exciting,” Blaney said.

The South and North District Commissioners seats are up for reelection this year as well as all three County Council at-large seats. The County Treasurer and County Surveyor are also on the ballot this year.

Incumbent Surveyor Kevin Breitzke, a Democrat, filed for re-election this morning and, in what may be the biggest surprise in the filings so far, current County Coroner Chuck Harris, Republican, filed to run for County Treasurer.

Harris told the Chesterton Tribune this morning that he has always had an interest in finance and felt that with his accomplishments in the Coroner’s office since 2010, this would be a good time to make a transition.

“I look forward to another campaign and the new challenges if I were to be elected,” said Harris. The current Treasurer is Michelle Clancy, who as of the Tribune’s deadline today had not filed.

How to file

Republicans or Democrats interested in running for public office will need to complete a State Forms CAN-2 (Declaration of Candidacy for Primary Nomination) and CAN-12 (Statement of Economic Interests). Both are available at the Voters Registration office -- 155 Indiana Ave., Room 105, in Valparaiso -- or on the Indiana Secretary of State’s website,

All forms need to be signed by a notary in order to be accepted. The Directors of the Voters Registration office are public notaries.

Independent or minor party candidates may file a petition of nomination for verification of petition signatures also start today. Candidates running as independents will need to file a petition of nomination for local office, CAN-19, which requires a certain number of valid signatures.



Posted 1/6/2016




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