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GOP finds no opponent for Blaney in County Commissioner race

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Porter County Republican Party Chair Michael Simpson told the Chesterton Tribune this morning that “no one wants to dip their toe” into the race as the GOP candidate for County Commissioner South District seat in this year’s general elections.

Today at noon was the deadline for party chairs to fill remaining vacancies on the general election ballot. It appears that County Commissioner Laura Shurr Blaney, a Democrat, will be unopposed in her run for what will be her second term.

Simpson said he had spoken with several members of his party, asking if they had any interest in running, but no one decided to commit.

“It’s a big decision and it’s a very important job (of being a County Commissioner),” Simpson said.

The Democrats already had their ballot filled for the year before the primary elections. The only other vacancy is that of Porter County Superior Court 3 Judge on the Republican ballot which is up to the state Republican party to fill.

The race for North District County Commissioner is contested, however, with Republican Jim Biggs facing Democrat Jeff Chidester.


Posted 7/5/2016





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