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Five new votes to be counted Friday in 1-vote margin Chesterton race

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The Porter County Voters Registration Office told the Chesterton Tribune today that all four provisional ballots from Chesterton are good to be counted for tomorrow's 2015 municipal election vote certification.

And -- one more ballot has come in by e-mail from a military voter, meaning there will be five votes added to the official results that could tip the tight race between Republican Nathan Cobbs and Democrat Scott McCord in Chesterton district 4.

As the count stands in the November 3 unofficial results, Cobbs has 399 votes and McCord has 398.

Provisional ballots are separated from those counted on Election Day and voters have until noon on Friday to provide the County Election Board with proof that they are registered to vote in that corresponding precinct.

Usually the reason a voter receives a provisional ballot is they forgot to bring with them a photo ID, but they can also be challenged by a poll worker if their name is not on the poll books.

Republican Voters Registration Director Sundae Schoon said how the voters voted won’t be known until the Election Board meeting Friday.

Ballots are run through the counting machines to get the final tally.

Schoon said there is also one provisional ballot to be counted in the Beverly Shores at-large Town Council race where Democrats Jeff Benson and Donna Norkus are also one vote apart.

If there are any ties, the town councils will vote to resolve them. According to the Indiana Election Manual, the councils would need to hold a vote by Dec. 31.

The Election Board will meet Friday at 12 p.m. at the Voters Registration Office, 155 Indiana Ave., Valparaiso, Room 105.



Posted 11/12/2015






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