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Election Board certifies official count with ties in Chesterton and Beverly Shores

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What are the odds that not one but two Town Council races in Porter County ended in a tie in the same election?

Itís pretty much incalculable, but it did happen Friday afternoon when the County Election Board met to certify the results for the 2015 election with a 401-401 count for the one Chesterton Council race between Republican Nathan Cobbs and Democrat Scott McCord and in the Beverly Shores Council at-large race with two candidates -- Republican Greg Brown and Democrat Craig Nordstrom -- getting 135 votes each.

ďItís definitely a day to remember,Ē said Voters Registration Republican Director Sundae Schoon.

In all, the Election Board counted 111 more ballots countywide in the official results certified after noon Friday, adding to the vote totals from Election Day, Nov. 3. Five of those votes were from Chesterton, one from Porter and one from Beverly Shores.

The majority of the new ballots, 94 in fact, are from the precincts in Portage.

Schoon said the reason the number of provisional ballots was so much larger there is because those were the ballots cast between 6 and 7 p.m. on Election Day. The polling location at the Portage Public Library didnít get started until about 9 a.m., three hours after it should have. Election workers were not able to get equipment out of a locked room and later County Superior Court Judge William Alexa issued a court order for the polls to be open an hour longer for Portage only.

In Chesterton, the additional ballots -- four provisional and one sent in by a member of the military -- were counted in the Westchester 1, 3, 8 and 10 precincts. Cobbs picked up two votes and McCord captured three, putting them in a deadlock of 401 votes each.

Schoon said that military and overseas ballots can come in up to ten days after an election as long as they are postmarked by Election Day. Emailed or faxed ballots must be received by noon on Election Day.

The Chesterton Tribune learned Friday that there was one provisional ballot in the Town of Porter good to be counted. The ballot widened the close gap between Republican incumbent Council member Rob Pomeroy and his Democratic opponent William Lopez.

Lopez led with a two-vote margin in the counts on Nov. 3 and took one more vote Friday, ending the race with 299 votes for Lopez and 296 votes for Pomeroy.

Candidates have until tomorrow to request a recount. Pomeroy had told the Tribune he was not interested in a recount for his race.

Turnout dips

A total of 14,384 ballots were cast this year out of 68,187 registered voters, with a 21.09 percent voter turnout.

Comparing that to the previous municipal general elections four years ago, there were 14,774 ballots cast out of 59,538 voters, for a 24.81 percent turnout in 2011.


Posted 11/16/2015




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