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Porter County Democrats return to polls in Tuesday primary elections

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It would be foolish to draw any dogmatic conclusions from the results of Porter County’s primary election on Tuesday, but one thing is certain: a boat-load more Democrats voted yesterday than did in the last presidential mid-term primary, in 2014.

On Tuesday in Porter County, 8,367 Democrats cast ballots or 49 percent of the total (8,636 Republicans did or 51 percent).

In 2014, in contrast, only 4,938 Democrats cast ballots or just 38 percent of the total (7,645 Republicans did, or 59 percent).

In raw numbers, 3,429 more Democrats voted on Tuesday than did in 2014, an increase of fully 70 percent.

And in virtually every county-wide race featuring an unopposed Democrat on the ballot and an unopposed Republican, the unopposed Democrat took more votes.

* In the race for the Center seat on the Board of County Commissioners, Republican incumbent Jeff Good took 6,593 votes; Democrat Donna Perdue got fractionally more, 6,650.

* In race for Prosecuting Attorney, Republican incumbent Brian Gensel took 6,542 votes; Democrat Gary S. Germann got 7,092 or 8 percent more.

* In the race for the open office of County Clerk, Republican Jon C. Miller took 6,557 votes; Democrat Jessica A. Bailey got 6,915 or 5 percent more.

* In the race for County Auditor, Democrat incumbent Vicki Urbanik took 7,031 votes; Republican Karen Martin got 6,385 or 10 percent fewer.

* In the race for the open office of County Recorder, Republican Chuck Harris took 6,539 votes; Lily M. Schaefer got 6,693 votes or 2 percent more.

* In the race for Porter Superior Court Judge No. 2, Republican incumbent Jeffrey W. Clymer took 6,825 votes; Democrat Clay M. Patton got fractionally more, 6,877.


Visclosky to face Leyva in November


Seventeen-term U.S. Rep. Pete Visclosky had no trouble on Tuesday defeating a pair of challengers for the Democrat nomination for the 1st District seat in the U.S. House.

Visclosky took 6,927 votes in the 1st District or 81 percent, to Antonio Daggett Sr.’s 5,813 votes or 11 percent; and to Chesterton businessman Larry Chubb’s 4,402 votes or 8 percent.

In November Visclosky will face Republican Mark Leyva, who garnered 5,960 votes or 27 percent in a field of six candidates. John Meyer took 4,328 or 20 percent; Roseann Ivanovich, 4,317 or 20 percent; Nicholas Pappas, 4,311 or 20 percent; David Dopp, 1,679 or 8 percent; and Jeremy Belko, 1,485 or 7 percent.



Posted 5/9/2018




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