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Democrats Larry Chubb, Tony Daggett, Pete Visclosky vie for congress nomination

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In the primary election on Tuesday, May 8, U.S. Rep. Pete Visclosky will face a challenge for the Democrat nomination for the 1st District seat from Larry Chubb and Antonio (Tony) Daggett Sr. The Chesterton Tribune invited all to respond to a brief candidate questionnaire.

The Tribune set word limits for each question and reserved the right to edit for length.

(1) For Visclosky: Age, residence, terms in office: 68; Gary; 17 terms.

For Chubb and Daggett: Age, residence, occupation:

Chubb: 61; Chesterton; business owner/attorney.

Daggett: 58; Hammond; retired Army colonel and district superintendent.

(2) For Visclosky: What specifically national priorities would you pursue, if re-elected to Congress? (100 words): First, I am committed to continuing to grow our regional economy by defending American steelworkers and ushering in new manufacturing and technology industries into our regional economy. Second, we must continue to invest in transformational projects for our region that attract new people and businesses to our region, including improvements in public access to our lakeshore and the expansion and recapitalization of the South Shore Rail Line. Third, as the Ranking Democrat on the House Appropriations Defense Subcommittee, I will continue to do all I can to fight to keep our nation safe.

For Chubb and Daggett: What specific national priorities would you pursue, if elected to Congress? (100 words)

Chubb: I would actively pursue Medicare for all, a $15 minimum wage, and challenging the corruption of Congress by massive corporate, PAC, and special interest contributions. Visclosky will accept about $1 million in contributions in just the current two-year election cycle, most of them from large corporations, military defense contractors, PACs, and special interest groups. Many individual contributions are from Republicans. The result is the lower and middle class have been left behind. Our Representative in Congress, especially in the majority Democrat 1st District, should have the courage to demand action on Medicare for all and a $15 minimum wage.

Daggett: To increase job opportunities for constituents a congressperson must be transparent about their priorities and why those priorities are important. In the case of my opponent, he has been neither transparent about his priorities nor has he shared why he is so willing to cater to the richest constituents at the expense of others. Unlike Rep. Visclosky, who has refused to publicly debate the issues, ignoring the LWV request, my transparent priorities would be to bolster the middle class by increasing federal educational spending and creating an attractive workforce for the next Amazon search for a new headquarters location.

(3) Given the ongoing disintegration of the center, as voters move increasingly hard right or left, what future do you see for bipartisanship, comity, and civility in American politics? (100 words)

Visclosky: I have a proven record of working with both political parties on initiatives to create a better future for Northwest Indiana. For example, through bipartisan Congressional cooperation, I have introduced legislation and made progress to rename the Indiana dunes as our stateís first national park. Iíve also have worked with state and local officials from both parties to support investments in the recapitalization and expansion of the South Shore Rail Line. I believe through discussion, understanding, and support for all individuals, there remain countless opportunities for continued examples of success that are rooted in bipartisanship, comity, and civility.

Chubb: The reality is that Republicans in Congress have moved far to the right and Democrats have moved to the center and center right. That said, there is clearly a gap and little bipartisanship or civility. I believe the primary cause is the influence of unlimited contributions from PACs and special interests that do not represent the interests of those in the middle and lower class. Democrats have become fearful and less committed to historic Democrat principles.

Daggett: I, along with several other national leaders from various walks of life, would lead a national discussion on social and racial justice as it currently exists in the United States of America. An honest, open, and transparent dialog on the issues of racial and social justice would stir the American conscience and highlight the unity of our nation upon which our existence ultimately depends. Abraham Lincoln understood this reality.



Posted: April 16, 2018




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