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County has more than enough poll workers for Primary

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Porter County Clerk Jessica Bailey reported at yesterday’s Election Board meeting that she has surpassed the goal of recruiting 306 poll workers for the municipal primary races on Tuesday, May 7.

Bailey said poll worker recruitment has gone smoother than it did last November--both political party chairs delivered complete lists of workers.

Porter County’s last election was rife with problems that included 13 polling places not opening on time due in part to a lack of poll workers. In advance of the last election, complaints were made at an Oct. 31, 2018 Election Board meeting that neither party chair provided enough workers.

“Both chairmen overwhelmingly completed the task this year. We are in a very good position,” Bailey said.

Bailey reported that 275 of the workers recruited have signed up for training and 110 of those have already been trained at sessions held in Hebron, Valparaiso, and Chesterton. Bailey also said she has over 200 people on a reserve list in case she needs last-minute fill-ins.

At the time Bailey wrote her report Thursday morning, people were still calling in to work. “We’ve already gotten 15 more since I made the summary,” Bailey said.

In other business, the Board decided when it will start the new Elections Systems & Software central count machine to count early and absentee ballots on Election Day. They settled on starting it when the polls close.

The machine counts 300 ballots per minute. Bailey reported she will have eight people, four from each party, working in bipartisan teams to open and sort the ballots to ensure the accuracy of the count.

“It will be a very quick process,” Bailey said. “The machine can sort. We don’t have to sort the ballots, but there’s a lot of apprehension going on around this machine, so I want everyone to see if we put 2,500 ballots in from Boone 1, the machine said the same thing.”

“I want everyone comfortable that the count is accurate,” Bailey said.

Bailey also made a reminder that campaign finance reports are due Monday, April 22 at noon, and the Board approved Attorney Monica Conrad to send a reminder after that date to noncompliant candidates that action may be taken to fine them if they fail to turn in their reports by May 16.

The Election Board’s next meeting is May 17 at noon, when they will certify the results of the Primary.

Early Voting Reminder

Porter County Clerk Jessica Bailey reported more than 510 people had voted early as of yesterday afternoon.

Early voters can visit any early voting center between 8:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. on weekdays, and two Saturdays--April 27 and May 4. Early voting ends Monday, May 6 at noon.

Early voting centers are: Chesterton Town Hall, 726 Broadway; Porter County Administration Building, 155 Indiana Avenue, Valparaiso; Hebron Community Center, 611 N. Main Street, Hebron; North County Government Complex, 3560 Willowcreek Road, Portage.


Posted 4/19/2019




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