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Commissioner Jim Biggs announces reelection bid

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Porter County Commissioner Jim Biggs (R-North) announced in a press release that he will seek another term on the Porter County Board of Commissioners.

The text of Biggs’ release in full:

“I truly believe the Porter County Government has never been better than it is right now! I am proud of the hard work that the County Commissioner’s office and County Council have accomplished to fix what has been broken and/or neglected for years. For this reason, today, I am happy to announce my campaign for re-election to the office of Porter County Commissioner, North District.

“Porter County Government will continue to improve if it insists in working towards becoming a better county government, and continues to responsibly manages the resources under its supervision while at the same time recognizing its primary purpose is to serve its residents.

“I believe that our residents want to know that their public tax dollars are being invested effectively. They also want to know that any projects using tax dollars are chosen with due diligence, executed using sound financial principles, and invested in practices that help our County grow responsibly.

“It remains one of the honors of my life to serve our residents. Over the past three years, I have worked hard to build strong relationships across County government to help transition our County government operations from simply existing day to day to actually planning responsibly for our future. There are 92 counties in Indiana, and it’s an absolute fact that no other county in our State has managed itself to the financial solvency which our county currently enjoys.

“Today, my pledge to the residents of our county is to continue to work proactively to find solutions and new opportunities for our county. I will also continue to make it crystal clear that I appreciate the opportunity I have been given, by you, to serve as the North Porter County Commissioner.”



Posted 1/10/2020




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