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CHS 1st District Democrat forum Wednesday live on WDSO

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U.S. Congressional candidates running in the Democrat primary are invited to the Chesterton High School’s Young Democrat Congressional Forum on Wednesday, March 4.

The event--open only to CHS students, teachers, and administration--is hosted and sponsored by the CHS Social Studies Department and the CHS Young Democrats.

The event, beginning t 11:40 a.m., will be broadcast live on WDSO-FM.

Moderated by CHS Young Democrat founder/president and senior Sid Augustyn, the forum will provide voting-aged students an opportunity to hear the candidates express their respective visions for Indiana and debate one another on topics relevant to Hoosiers.]

Some of the topics include issues facing the 1st District, the responsibilities of elected officials, sustainability, climate change, skyrocketing education costs, gun violence, and access to health care.

Each candidate will be allowed three to five minutes for opening remarks, followed by pre-screened questions submitted from students. During the Q&A period, candidates are allotted no more than one minute to answer, and the order of responding will be rotated.



Posted 3/2/2020




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