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Chesterton's Jim Biggs files for North County Commissioner making a 3 way race

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The big news from Porter County Voter Registration today, as the deadline for filing expired at noon: John Evans did not file for re-election to the Board of County Commissioners.

Jeff Trout, the Chesterton businessman and former Town Council member who hopes to succeed Evans, will have to get past not only John Cannon but Chesterton’s Jim Biggs to do so.

This morning Biggs--who currently holds the 1st District seat on the Porter County Council and who previously served two terms as Commissioner--filed for the Republican nomination for the North District seat.

The winner of that three-way primary race will face Democrat Jeffrey L. Chidester in November.

Republican interest in the Board of Commissioners is, however, limited to the North County seat. No Republican has filed for the South County seat, currently held by Democrat Laura Blaney, who is running unopposed for the nomination.

The other news, big enough in its own right: two more Republicans have joined the three who already filed for the three at-large seats on the County Council: Jeff Larson of Chesterton and Howard O’Connor of Hebron. They’ll be running against Travis Gearhart, Ralph G. Levi, and Rich Parks. The winners of that pick-three race will face the three Democrat incumbents in November: Syliva Graham, Robert Poparad, and Dan Whitten.

Meanwhile, Thursday saw a Republican filing for County Surveyor: Chesterton resident and business owner Bill Rensberger, who previously ran for the office in 2012. He is unopposed in the primary and will face incumbent Democrat Kevin Breiztke in November.

The Democrats do have a contested race for the bench in Porter County Superior Court 3: incumbent Judge Julia Jent is being challenged by attorney Michael Deppe.

Democrat voters in the 4th District of the State House of Representatives--which includes part of Liberty and Jackson townships--will have a second contested race: this one pitting Jesse Harper against Pamela Mishler Fish for the privilege of running against incumbent Repblican Ed Soliday.

In other developments, a ninth candidate entered the race for the Republican presidential nomination on Thursday: Carly Fiorina. Meanwhile, three Republicans are seeking the nominatinon for a seat in the U.S. Senate: Eric Holcomb, Marlin Stutzman, and Todd Young.

Democrats have a much less crowded race for president with only two candidates on the ballot: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Today was also the deadline for Republicans and Democrats hoping to be elected delegates to the state convention to file their candidacy. Democrats are voted on at-large with up to 73 delegates while the Republicans are chosen by a limited number of delegates per township.

Below--with contested races in bold--is the final list of candidates who will appear on Duneland ballots in the primary election on Tuesday, May 3, barring any last-minute withdrawals. Note: candidates wanting to withdraw their names have until 12 p.m. Monday, Feb. 8, to do so.

Democrat Filings

U.S. President: Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders.

U.S. Senator: Baron Hill.

U.S. Representative, 1st District: Peter J. Visclosky (inc.).

Governor: John R. Gregg.

State Representative, 4th District: Jesse Harper; Pamela Mishler Fish.

State Representative, 9th District: Scott Pelath (inc.).

State Representative, 10th District: Chuck Moseley (inc.).

County Commissioner, North District: Jeffrey L. Chidester.

County Commissioner, South District: Laura Shurr Blaney (inc.).

County Council, at-large (pick three): Sylvia Graham (inc.); Robert Poparad (inc.); Dan Whitten (inc.).

County Treasurer: Michelle Clancy (inc.).

County Surveyor: Kevin Breitzke (inc.).

Superior Court 3 Judge: Michael L. Deppe; Julia Jent (inc.).

State Convention Delegates (up to 73): Mike Adams, Rebecca Adams, Ferdinand Alvarez, Lisa Beck, Vernon Beck, Geof Benson, Laura Shurr Blaney, Jeffrey L. Chidester, Larry Chubb, Brendan Clancy, Billy J. Coker, Kevin L. Cornett, Robert Cotton, Collin W. Czilli, Jerome Davison, Kim Ilene Eldridge, Pamela Mishler Fish, Debra E. Fray, Matthew (Matt) Gibson, Jennifer Grawcock, Jesse Harper, Jane M. Jordan, Kurt Jordan, Joseph A. Kasper, Deborah Kerr-Cook, Kathryn Kozuszek, Sue I. Lynch, Dennis J. McCafferty, Elaine J. McCafferty, Charles “Chuck” Moseley, Juanagene A. Nietert, Clay M. Patton, Betty J. Rausch, Paul W. Rausch, Kris Richmond, David Smith, Dan Charles Stevenson, Lola Ann Stevenson, Rudolph V. Sutton, Karen Tallian, William Vasquez, Vicki Urbanik-Randall, Scott Williams.

Republican Filings

U.S. President: Jeb Bush; Ben Carson; Chris Christie; Ted Cruz; Carly Fiorina; John R. Kasich; Rand Paul; Marco Rubio; Donald J. Trump.

U.S. Senator: Eric Holcomb; Marlin Stuzman; Todd Young.

Representative, 1st District: John Meyer.

State Representative, 4th District: Ed Soliday (inc.).

County Commissioner, North District: Jim Biggs, John M. Cannon, Jeff Trout.

County Commissioner, South District: none.

County Council, at-large (pick 3): Travis Gearhart, Jeff Larson, Ralph G. Levi, Howard O’Connor, Rich Parks.

County Treasurer: Chuck Harris.

County Surveyor: Bill Rensberger.

Precinct Committeeman: Liberty 4--Jacquelyn M. Sterling; Pine 2--Richard A. “Rick” Rikosk; Westchester 4--Stephanie Kuziela; Westchester 11--Kevin Tracy; Westchester 12--Travis Gearhart.

State Convention Delegates: Jackson Twp. (2)--none; Liberty Twp. (3)--Jacquelyn M. Sterling; Pine Twp. (1)--none; Westchester Twp. (5)--Andy Bozak, Travis Gearhart, Stephanie Kuziela, Jon C. Miller, Kevin Tracy, Krista Tracy.




Posted 2/5/2016




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